Ariolic Netsend 9x

Ariolic NetSend 9x 1.2.1

No Image iolic NetSend 9x works on Windows 9x and has advanced capability, such as sending messages to several comma separated users/domens/groups. You can use Ariolic NetSend 9x to send messages from batch files and command files, or use it with task shedulers. Ariolic NetSend 9x is compatible with WinPopup on Windows 9x and messenger service on Windows NT/Windows 2000. New feature - aliases added, so now you can run NetSend from the "Run" window (Win+R

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Ariolic PopupMe 1.1

Ariolic PopupMe is a small and useful message service for Windows 95/98 and Windows Me. It starts with Windows, receives all network messages for a user and shows them like the Messenger service on Windows NT/2000 systems. Ariolic PopupMe doesn`t require WinPopup utility on users PC. Ariolic PopupMe is compatible with `net send` command on Windows NT/Windows 2000 systems or with programs like WinPopup on Windows 9x/Windows ME (Ariolic NTPager and

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Ariolic NTPager 1.6: Ariolic NTPager is a useful and handy network messanger for WindowsNT/2000
Ariolic NTPager 1.6

NTPager it is useful network messenger for Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems. It allows you to send messages to one user or several users of your network, using simple and handy interface. The list of network users divided by workgroups or domains, so to send a message to anyone simply select the computer from the list, type in your message and press "Send" button. Has a history of received and sent messages.

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Tiny Message 1.2: Tiny Message is a program allowing you to send messages as fast as possible.
Tiny Message 1.2

Tiny Message is a program allowing you to send network messages as fast as possible. Using of it will be very comfortable if you have your own recent recipient list. In that case you can set your shortcuts once and then just use it. You can set recipient list, hot key for starting this shortcut and default communicative language.

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Fomine NetSend 1.4: NetSend with simple and user-friendly visual interface.
Fomine NetSend 1.4

Fomine NetSend is a package that contains two utility tools. This first tool NetSend.exe is a console application with a parameter set similar to NET SEND (distributed with Microsoft Windows NT/2002/XP). But unlike NET SEND, this application works with all Windows versions. The second utility tool NetSendGUI.exe has a simple and user-friendly visual interface.

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NetSender Pro 2.60: Send short messages in nt-networks.
NetSender Pro 2.60

┬╗NetSender Pro┬ź is an efficient, easy to use tool to send short messages in NT networks. By sending messages you can be sure that your co-workers see the messages immediately on their screen without the necessity to run a mail program or to look into the mail inbox. NetSender Pro is very easy to use: Select from the list of users in the NT the recipients for your message. Then write your message or load it from the template directory and click on

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